10 December 2017

Soxy sea creatures: Echinoderm edition

Time to make more DIY handmade 'pushie' mascots out of socks! As volunteers prep up for International Year of the Reef 2018 activities!
Soxy sea creatures! Echinoderms
Being nature people, we are a little picky about making these animals somewhat anatomically correct. Here's more tips on how to make echinoderms!

06 December 2017

Changi shore littered by failing shore protection system

We survey this Changi shore that was hit by the 300-tonne oil spill in the East Johor Strait in Jan 2017
Oil-covered stakes and bags at Changi
This is what I saw the day after the oil spill.
Oil spill in the Johor Strait (5 Jan 2017) from Changi Carpark 4
The shore continues to be affected by the failing shore protection system that is now stained with oil. We also surveyed a nearby sandy shore.

05 December 2017

Living rocky shores of Pulau Ubin

We return to an underwater garden at Pulau Ubin on a rare daylight low tide.
Exploring Pulau Ubin rocky shores
It was a delight of seafans, sponges, soft corals and more!

04 December 2017

Changi seagrass meadows are alive!

Large sea stars, seahorses and more! As we explored a Changi seagrass meadow on a rainy evening.
The shore was full of stars. I saw some medium sized Knobbly sea stars. a few Common sea stars, a few Biscuit sea stars, and a few Sand stars.

03 December 2017

Dugongs at Cyrene Reef!

A lovely blue-sky day at Cyrene Reef with the IYOR volunteer team!
IYOR interns on Cyrene Reef
Among the first things we saw were lots of Knobbly sea stars. Mei Lin also found the Pentaceraster sea star!

29 November 2017

Volunteers needed for Dec 2017 marine litter survey

Here's a chance to visit some of our shores and make a difference for the marine litter issue! Volunteer for the 2017-2019 NUS-NParks Marine Debris Monitoring Programme.
Trash just outside Pasir Ris Park boundary
Here are the Dec 2017 venues and dates and registration links.


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