22 April 2017

"Through Time And Tide: A Survey of Singapore’s Reefs" by Marcus Ng

Learn more about the rich history of Singapore reefs in this awesome article by Marcus Ng.
From "Through Time And Tide: A Survey of Singapore’s Reefs" by Marcus Ng on BiblioAsia.
"The reefs that fringed Singapore’s coastline and islands have served for centuries as maritime markers, fishing grounds and even homes for island communities. Marcus Ng rediscovers the stories that lurk beneath the waves."

18 April 2017

Mass coral spawning 2017

Singapore's corals are alive and very sexy too. Their annual orgy of explosive sex just happened! Here's an awesome video clip by Vincent Choo.

It was relief to know that they spawned because our corals suffered from mass coral bleaching in 2016. [Update 21  Apr: "greatly reduced spawning intensity" was recorded this year compared to past years.] Thanks to the dedicated team who have been keeping an eye on this event every year, we get a glimpse of what happened in 2017.

16 April 2017

Otterly exciting at Pasir Ris with the Naked Hermit Crabs

We saw an otter! Fabulous families with awesome guides had a great time at the free guided walk at Pasir Ris mangrove boardwalk with the Naked Hermit Crabs.
Pasir Ris Mangrove boardwalk tour with the Naked Hermit Crabs
We also saw a Shore pit viper! And lots of other interesting mangrove wildlife.

12 April 2017

Pesta Ubin 2017 Workshop

Pulau Ubin people had fun at a workshop specially for those organising activities for Pesta Ubin 2017!
Pesta Ubin 2017 Workshop, 10 Apr 2017
About 70 people passionate about Pulau Ubin from 20 Organising Groups made time to attend the Pesta Ubin 2017 Workshop.

06 April 2017

Pesta Ubin featured in Challenge magazine

"Coming together for Pulau Ubin" is a great feature article about Pesta Ubin written by Tay Qiao Wei for Challenge, a magazine of the Singapore Public Service, distributed to 120,000 public officers.
Full article in Challenge magazine.
The feature article highlights some less obvious aspects of Pesta Ubin such as building trust, how it provided opportunities for bonding over commmon interest, and for community and agencies to work hand in hand.

05 April 2017

FREE intertidal walks by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Join these FREE intertidal walks by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum! These walks are fully sponsored by HSBC.  Kusu Island, Pulau Semakau, Pulau Hantu. From April to August.
To enquire, please email nhmlearning@nus.edu.sg with the following details: a) date of the walk you are interested in, b) the number of people you would like to register for, and c) your contact number.

From the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum:
As part of the HSBC Marine Protection Programme, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is organising intertidal guided walks to take students and members of the public to some of our offshore islands and explore some of the biodiversity on our shores! During these guided walks, our nature guides will show participants various forms of life including sea stars, corals, crabs, and anemones! These walks will also include a short coastal clean-up component.


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