17 October 2017

SG seahore ID, can? - a new facebook group!

Need identification (ID) of your photo of marine life seen in Singapore?
SG seahores ID, can? logo
CAN! Just post it in this new facebook group! Here's more about the group ...

15 October 2017

Otters at Chek Jawa!

My first time spotting otters during a Naked Hermit Crab walk at the Chek Jawa boardwalk!
Smooth-coated otters (Lutrogale perspicillata)
They are quite shy and stayed away from the people. The visitors also spotted a mangrove whipray! This is why I prefer to visit Chek Jawa at a high tide. We won't enjoy such sightings at low tide.

11 October 2017

19 Oct (Thu): FREE talks on "Plastic Oceans" at St John's Island

FREE visit to St John's Island for talks about plastic pollution by four wonderful speakers. Includes boat trip, refreshments and maybe a visit to the labs at the St John's Island National Marine Laboratory!
Register to chope your place now!

Date: 19 Oct (Thu)
Time: 1-5.30pm

The event is free but registration is required by 16 Oct.

More details on speakers and their talks here.

Seashore begins at Marina East

Nearly ten years since my last visit to this shore! Thanks to Kok Sheng for visiting beforehand and sharing that this shore is now accessible once again.
Marina East  shore off the Marina Barrage
Although the shore is not very rich (yet?), there's already lots of seagrasses and signs of returning life. It will be exciting to see whether it will return to its former glory. On the way to the shore, I noticed some small dead fishes floating on the seaward side of the Marina Barrage. And there is a green bloom of algae inside the Marina Reservoir.

10 October 2017

Berlayar Creek shores are alive!

In glorious weather, we explored the living shores just  under the Berlayar Creek boardwalk
Berlayar Creek Boardwalk with Bukit Cermin
There is less seagrass compared to our trip in Jan 2017. But the shores are still very much alive!

09 October 2017

Seagrasses taking over artificial lagoon at Seringat-Kias!

Five species of seagrasses are taking over the artificial lagoon at Seringat-Kias!
Smooth ribbon seagrass (Cymodocea rotundata)
The team also surveyed Lazarus Island where they saw giant clam, cone snails and  more!


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